Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yum, with adventure

 Wonderful Art
Bayou Scene- Scott Lousiana

Zedoco Concert -  These boys were Awwwsoomme!!!!!

Our friends Son Sack.   He plays with big bands all over 
the place.   These are just a few of his friends and him Jamming . 
My husband in the white and his friend Patrick
 Good Eats- Cajun Country Louisiana
Delicious Boiled Cajun Shrimp

Boiled Crawfish

Fried Oysters and Craw fish Stew.  Deep fried 
Pistolette Rolls

 Look for the Gater

Is that her???

Here She comes
Now you can really see her.  

Little Blessings

They all have new homes.  
  But its was nice while they were with us.   

Big brother and little sister. 

Simese Mother and Tabby Father.  They made the prettiest cats. 

Mouse-The Mother

I fell in love with these two boys.  I found them a home together . 

This sweet girl is no longer with us.   She had heart problems and she blessed our lives for  six months. 

Little Lady, Sweet Pea, Stripes 

This is the Coolest Store.  Gibson's Discount Center.
  It is packed.   Any where they can fit something they do.
It has a little and some times allot of everything and anything.
It is  located in Kerrville, Texas.    I love going to this place.    It is like and adventurous and reliable shopping rolled into one. .
" from another source"    Feels like a combination flea market/dollar store/1960's hardware store.

Check it out.   You will love it. 

Look what that van did to my baby

I found my camera,  Yeaaaa!!!!!!    I am going back and sharing.     This happen August 2012.   
Paul is alright but we had some scares.     He had a brain bleed from this.   He was not permitted to do anything for weeks.    He is very active and this was like the worst for him.    He is a Red belt in Kungfu and he was told none of that.     The protective mother in me was angry at the guy that hit him.   Mainly because Paul was T-boned and the driver of the car jumped out and started 
screaming that Paul had killed his passenger.   
Van was fine.   My Sons car was totaled as you can see.  
  I am just so very thankful that he did not have a passenger in the car with him.    


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