Thursday, December 1, 2011

Creative Storage and Displays

This wonderful creation, was created by "

A very talented lady, Maggie from Maggie Jane's Vintage

During the years I have been a Antique Dealer, I always find the thing I enjoy most is noting the creativity used by other  dealers in storage and display.   When I see something displayed in a cute way, it just gets my imagination going.n

WOW,not only do I want to collect the usually rustic item used to display said collections, but I also say how can I bring that into my home. I have collected a few cute pics of creatively used storage spaces. I hope these will inspire you to get creative with your vintage items.
It is always cute to mix it up a little, the old with the new, rust with lace. Get creative and have fun. I will be adding many more pics in the future.
 Thinking  outside the box when it comes to storage can make organizing and  cleaning a chore to look forward to.



  1. Thak you for sharing my shelves! There are so many other great ideas here too, love it!!

  2. What fun ideas...the chairs are the walls are adorable..I think may have to try this in the New Year.
    Thank you for visiting me the other day...may your week be merry and bright. xoxoxo

  3. Just happened upon your blog and have to say how much I love the way your have repurposed so many vintage items for storage etc.
    Wishing you lots of luck and a great year collecting!



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