Monday, April 28, 2014

The girls

These pretty little things are half blackbelly barbado hair sheep and mouflon sheep, we bought them from a breeder in Nolenville Texas.   We wanted the mouflon genestics but not pure.   Mouflon sheep can be a little high strung.   But they are so beautiful.  These girls eat out of our hand.  

Adopt a donkey???

What do I mean by adopt a donkey?  They  are temperamental, jealous, funny animals that are protective over those in their care and we LOVE ours.     In  Central Texas during our 2011 drought, one of the things that suffered the most were the donkeys.    Not ours, we have a small herd of cows and she was treated as one of them. If they ate she ate.    Allot of country folk had to let their donkeys go on random land as to give the donkey a chance not to starve to death. There were allot of homeless donkeys.    You can  now drive  by some ranches and see 6 or 7 donkeys , and if you did not know why a person would have so many donkeys it is because they saved them from starvation.   Hay in some areas was going for $200 a roll if you could find it, and horse hay for even higher.   Yes the horses suffered also.   I am thankful for the kind people who shared some of their resources and saved an animal that brings in no potential income, because it was the right thing to do.  

This is Danny and our    SWEET... VALENTINE

I love the view from a tree stand


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