Friday, May 15, 2015

Where have I been?

Where have I been you ask.   I have been taking care of sheep.   I am a full time rancher now with lots of adventures.    I have to work out some Wi Fi and internet issues from living in the country then I will be able to post lots of pictures to this blog.    In the mean time check out  
Red Stick Ranch on Facebook

   I can post easily from my phone to Facebook and so I do.    
You will love all of the deer and sheep and exotics I am surrounded by daily.     

Friday, January 9, 2015

Learning to sew

Sweater Headband Tutorial:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Tending the flock, bumps bruises and cuts.

I have not posted in a while for lack of my laptop .  It just refuses to connect to the internet.   I am working on this from my smart phone.  Wish me luck.   We have spent the entire weekend gathering and separating sheep.   We spent Friday night separating the sheep on our ranch into four groups.  (Pictures later to come) .   Pour Daniel is beat up from our flock.  They jumped into him ,over him ,under him and around him.  Hair Sheep spring like deer when cornered.   We have our American black belly Barbado ewes and thier ram.   The painted deserts ewes and thier ram and the black Hawaiian ewes and thier ram.  Then we have the bachlor herd.    They were not separated before because of the need for a herding pin and fencing.    We worked on our herd for hours.   Now we have create little family groups that will be easier to care for.    Saturday we spent getting supplies for more fencing and feed for the sheep, deer and the cats .  Then Sunday we drove to Temple to help a friend gather then transport several rams to Auction.  We brought home four more males to grow for about a year and a half.

Matt and Daniel ( these rams  had thier breaks on the whole time)  muscles were required for this job. 

Matt our fellow sheep herder.
 A very honest hard working man and the city of Temple is lucky to have him teaching thier kids. 

These are some good looking fellas.
Black belly Barbado Rams

 Matt and my Daniel . 
Two very tired men.
 They loaded over 20 rams in the heat of the day one at a time.  

These four cuties get to join our bachlor herd for about a year and half. Three Mouflon and a Black Belly Barbado 


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