Friday, January 24, 2014

We are making the big move

We are making the big move this year.   We have lived in the same spacious home for 22 years in the city.  We are moving to the ranch and making it our retirement home.   I have so much work to do.  I am cleaning and packing and moving our belongings  to our ranch.   The home on the ranch is a long way from being finished.  We improve as we have the money.  No loans for us. No house note!!!!! Yeah!!!.   We are being careful with our funds, even though all the birdies have flown they still need help.   Daniel and I are  ready to make this move. It is now or maybe never and God provided us with a renter for our home.  We have to be out of this home by beginning of May.    We had to a have and affordable solution to the bathroom and kitchen problems since they are not yet finished.   We bought a fifth wheeler.   This is only temporary.   But it gives us a working bathroom and kitchen close to our home.   We can use it as a guests room when our home is finished and of course, we get to go camping.     I am real excited about this move, it will be an adjustment, doing without some conveniences and gaining other things we have wanted for years.   Hello chickens, big garden, fruit trees and privacy and nature and room for me to do my  creative Junkin .   We are working on the fence around our yard on the weekends.   We must have a fence to keep, our family pets in and the wild life and live stock out.  Wish us luck and prayers that we don't have to many set backs.  

Here is the camper.  I think it is pretty fly.   It is not super big and luxurious like the people who tale gate at the football games , but it will do.


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